New infographic – Our top 10 Starlock accessories & cutters

Starlock was met with criticism when it first launched in 2016, many end-users not understanding the system or its importance in terms of the technology enabling the end-user to achieve more applications. As people move over to the system and awareness is now growing, finally Starlock it is being seen as an important development in oscillating technology. FEIN is proud to have lead the next step in oscillation technology, hosting the biggest range of accessories in the market today. … More New infographic – Our top 10 Starlock accessories & cutters


The first multi-tool machine began its life as a plaster cast saw, with an angular oscillating saw blade. It was used in the medical profession for the cutting of plaster casts, especially in orthopedics, the crescent pattern of the blade allowing it to cut through the cast whilst not damaging the patient’s skin. The mechanism of the oscillation combined with the powerful gearbox made the machine unique in its time. It took 17 years before FEIN had developed the technology into a commercial industrial tool … More Over 50 FEIN YEARS OF OSCILLATING