Cordless – New hammer drill

The electric power tool manufacturer/inventor talks about its part in drilling technology historically, and celebrates its recent launches since inventing drills many years before. FEIN UK also discusses a brand new product launch for the cordless rotary hammer drill.


FEIN started innovating in the late 19th century combining the power of an electric motor with a manual drill to develop the world’s very first power tool. The heavy drill, which weighed 16.5 pounds, was powered by a large but relatively weak DC electric motor that didn’t turn very fast. The world’s first power tool may seem unwieldy and unproductive by modern standards, but it was the beginning of FEIN’s 150 years of power tool innovation, having re-developed the electric drill on multiple occasions in that time.


Last September that innovation led to the launch of 10 new cordless drill/drivers. The ASCM 12 and 18 represent the hero machines of the ten. Offering 4-speed capabilities, ‘power Drive’ settings, quicker changes of accessories for application work, and supported by a new battery range.


Mike Yorke, Director of MY Wood Designs Limited, bought his first OMT eight years ago when he needed a tool to sand a very intricate set of spindles on a banister. He got his ASCM 12 for testing at the end of 2017 to help FEIN UK as it celebrated its 150 years in power tool manufacturing. He uses the machine when working with MDF and timber materials and the machine delivers well when drilling pilot holes, countersinking into timber, and screwdriving connecting pieces of material. Before dropping the machine from a great height, and needing to orchestrate a repair, he also found it really useful how the battery indicater clearly shows the amount of juice left in the battery before delivering any heavy drilling.


Fein then took the next step of adding more machines, launching a new cordless mag drill  September and now, in the UK, Fein is proud to launch its new rotary hammer drill – the ABH 18. The new drill enables the end-user to drill up to 20mm in concrete, combines drilling, chiselling and hammer drilling in one tool, and weighs just 3 kilograms, with low vibration settings, similar to the technology in Fein’s renowned multi-tools.


“On the construction site and when undertaking metal construction jobs on site, you need powerful cordless power tools, delivering the same performance as mains-powered tools,” says Product Manager, Thomas Blank. “The main intended area of application for the cordless rotary hammer drill is securing metal structures on buildings, where holes of between 8 and 12 mm are needed. The new FEIN cordless rotary hammer drill with brushless motor is therefore designed for these very sizes.”

What’s more, both the battery and tool have electronic SafetyCell Technology, which protects the hammer drill from overload, overheating and total discharge, and shuts down the tool in a fraction of a second. In 1867 Wilhelm Emil Fein founded a company with a promise to manufacture electrical equipment that met the demands of customers while consistently looking at innovative solutions for the industry. 150 years later that company continues to deliver on that promise.

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