Starlock – Sanders, Sanding

FEIN recently approached Jon Sanders, an experienced bespoke carpentry & joinery business owner, to review its 130mm triangular sanding pad whilst operating multi-tools in the workplace.

The Surrey based carpentry and joinery business fits kitchens, decking and flooring, as well as constructing furniture and project managing various shop fittings/retail projects when requested.

Jon says “I work on very high-end bespoke kitchens a lot of the time and so it is crucial that the tools I use deliver precise work, with good finishes”.

Jon Sanders job

Jon puts a great amount of emphasis on planning, delivering all cutting and sanding work in advance. During such stages Jon uses other tools to deliver the job, but when on the job, the Fein multi-tool and accessories are always immediately on hand to save Jon valuable time and effort, and provide the best finish.

Recently Jon found himself in a situation and needed Fein to save his bacon whilst delivering some bespoke cabinets.  He had sanded them down before lacquering, using a circular oscillating machine with a 3mm oscillating pad in order to achieve the initial sanding results he needed. Later on into the job he realised he had forgotten to finish the backs with a finer grit, and so he pulled out his corded Fein machine, and the new 130mm pad to help assist him. He attached the piece onto the oscillating machine, placing a 180 grit sheet over the sanding pad.

Jon Sanders job. 2

What he really liked about the 130 mm pad was that it secured tightly into the fitting system, without wobbling when the machine is operated. He found that it outperformed the smaller pad he had used multiple times before in such circumstances.  Despite being bigger he felt it got into tighter areas, and he felt it was much easier to manoeuvre. He really liked the foam backing within the pad itself, offering nice density and balance. Overall, Jon really loved the new 130mm sanding pad and sheets, and would highly recommend it.


Key Benefits To The 130mm Sanding Pad

  • It offers the end-user a much larger surface area to work on medium-sized surfaces, providing an alternative to sanders, for most multi-tool end users
  • The pad is a part of the Starlock system, meaning that it can attach to the machine easily and will fit securely. The pad and the attaching of sanding sheets is easy to achieve, and the sheets can come as perforated, used with or without dust extraction. There is a plastic carrier plate for preventing damage and marks on the work piece
  • The 130mm sanding pad (edge length 130 mm) can be purchased as part of a standalone kit, containing the pad and 2 each of grit 60, 80, 180 View the pad
  • It is available in various OMT kits, most notably the Anniversary Edition set which was promoted from September 2017-January 2018. Some are still be available at larger dealers


  • For those seeking a bargain, Fein offers a multipack deal containing 61 pieces (including circular & small triangular pads, sheets and a carbide rasp) for less than £1 per piece View the pad

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