FEIN MultiMaster FMM 350 Q – Introduction & Experience

Review of the MultiMaster – Given by Daniel Bocksteger, a German based end-user. This is an independent review, so whilst the text is translated we wanted to maintain it in precisely the words stated by Daniel. We are really pleased Dan liked it, and many thanks to him for reviewing the machine. 

“I can’t even call the MultiMaster FMM 350 Q from FEIN my own for very long, but after only one month I am already very enthusiastic about the device. Why, I would like to explain to you in this article.


Even the suitcase alone makes a lot of difference. Now also available in the Tanos Systainer, I have received my used MultiMaster in the’typical’ FEIN case made of orange hard plastic with the two metal clasps and the FEIN logo.

Inside, the case offers an astonishing amount of space for the machine itself, the suction nozzle, two separate cases for accessories and other utensils, so that it should not be necessary to carry further accessories separately.


The FMM 350 Q is of high quality and solid workmanship, so that the machine seems to have been built for the rough everyday life on the construction site.

There are hardly any dust grains sticking to the rubberized parts for better grip, making it very pleasant to hold on to the machine, but also very easy to clean.

Thanks to its low weight and very flat suction nozzle, working on vertical surfaces as well as overhead can be described as very pleasant.

With the aid of the adjustable speed via a small wheel, the MultiMaster can be conveniently set to the’speed’ that you need, depending on the material and tool. In addition, the setting wheel is positioned in such a way that it is very difficult to accidentally adjust the setting when working with the FMM 350 Q.


The versatility of the accessories is spread over several areas and trades and is generally very extensive. Both as a tiler and as a roofer you can discover the MultiMaster for yourself and will certainly not want to give it away again. On the contrary, I even expect that you will discover completely new fields of work with the machine, which you may not have dared to do until now due to the lack of tools.

No matter if you want to say wood, sand surfaces or separate tiles, you will surely find the suitable accessories for your application. On the accessories page of FEIN you can get an impression of the extensive range of accessories.

With the help of the intuitive StarLock Plus lock, the accessories are ready for use in just a few steps on the machine. Nowadays, the FMM 350 QSL (successor of the device shown here) is sold with so-called QuickIN technology, which can be described as “Plug + Play”. Virtually no more handling is necessary and the accessories can be changed in approx. 3 seconds.


The extraction of a device that produces fine dust and, if necessary, whirls it up is extremely important to me. So I was all the happier when I found out that the suction sleeve of the CTL MIDI fits perfectly on the enclosed FEIN suction socket.

The extraction works very well in the described combination. So good that hardly until no dust remains, but everything immediately flies into the vacuum cleaner bag.

In addition, the FMM 350 Q is no less unwieldy even with the extraction nozzle fitted. You hardly notice that something additional has been mounted when you work with it.

One of the reasons for buying the MultiMaster was the fact that I can work much more filigree at the edges thanks to Delta sanding pads and a smaller stroke (right <-> left / forward <-> back movement of the sanding pad).

Here the Delta-Pad with 130 mm edge length was used, because I wanted to get as far away from the garden house as possible.


Besides the outer edges of the modernized terrace, I sanded the entire bridge with the MultiMaster. Also with the 130 mm pad, I was much more comfortable on the road than with my comparatively heavy and unwieldy random orbital sander SXE 125 from Metabo.

The MultiMaster was also used at the edges of another project – refreshing the garden house floor.


If you wish to view more information on the MultiMaster system check out https://fein.com/en_uk/oscillators/tools/fein-multimaster/

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