50 year anniversary over – Offer stock now limited

FEIN was pleased to announce the launch last Autumn of some special promotional editions of the MultiMaster and SuperCut machines to commemorate the 50th anniversary of FEIN inventing the first oscillating machine.

Both of the corded MultiMaster and SuperCut were to be promotion with a double Systainer case (Sys 1 + Sys 1) and both of the cordless versions promoted with a double Systainer (Sys 1 + Sys 2), the end user benefiting from an average saving of £200 compared to buying each item individually.

The double Systainer helps tradesmen to neatly store and transport both the tool and accessories in just one case – saving the need for additional trips. The upper Systainer contains a selection of FEIN E-Cut saw blades, a scrapper blade and sanding accessories. The tool itself is safely stowed in the lower Systainer. Both tool cases are connected together using a click connector and they can also be connected to premium class FEIN Dustex extractors as well as all extractors with Systainer fittings.

pset71292264 (1)All four promotional sets include the patented FEIN triangular sanding pad with an edge length 130 mm. this innovative new accessory removes around three times more material than the small FEIN sanding pad and is the perfect addition to the parquet sanding machine and the eccentric sander. It is therefore particularly suitable for wood flooring installers and stair builders in particular.

350 (4)

For example, Mike Yorke director of MY Wood Designs LTD brought his first OMT eight years ago when he needed a tool to sand a very intricate set of spindles on a banister. He picked it for that sole purpose but has since gone on to use all of its functions and confirms it’s an essential part of his kit, not only for the business but also as a keen DIYer, around his house.

350 (3)

Mike says “It’s mainly used for removing small pieces of skirting boards, architraves or picture rails because of the thin cuts it makes. It enables us to take small sections out in situ rather than taking the whole work-piece off (which risks damage to walls). We use a metal cutting blade to cut nails which are holding original sash windows in place to allow full restoration.”

Many dealers nationwide would also be offering promotional prices on the Dustex range of M and L class dust extraction machines to support the OMT promotional activity. FEIN UK has concluded its celebrations for FEIN’s 50th anniversary but some dealers are still stocking all of the promotions for a limited time.

Please contact your local dealer for availability https://fein.com/en_uk/dealer-search/

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