The Top 10 Starlock Accessories

Here Nathan Ford, National Applications Specialist at FEIN discusses Starlock and the top ten most popular accessories for trades persons toolboxes.

Since the release of Starlock in the UK back in 2016, FEIN UK has invested a lot of time advising UK multi-users about the benefits of the system, and the various application opportunities available. It allowed for the end-user to be able to change over accessories quickly, and offered the end-user more application opportunities. Lastly, the accessory can be fitted onto most of the recent imitations of the FEIN Multi-tool, some aided with an adapter.

i0000816_OFC_SCRIntroductions to Starlock over, lets discuss the top ten accessories. We start with a fine bi-metal blade known as the 157 blade, which is our most popular saw blade. It has fine teeth and will cut sheet metal, delivering precise and thin cuts into material up to 2mm thick, including aluminium profiles and copper pipes. Then there is the 223 saw blade, which is a universal blade, with similar cutting properties to a hacksaw. It will cut metal, wood, plastics and plasterboard, but unlike the 157 it will become blunt if used to cut screws or masonry.

a0001926_OFC_SCRNext there are precision and curved blades. As you might guess, the precision blades are just that, providing a shorter blade with strong Japanese teeth, designed to make cuts in stronger materials. Effectively you pay a premium for a stronger and more durable blade. The 205 is a straight edged blade with a width of 35mm, the 225 blade provides curvature on the end of the blade with a greater width of 65mm.

a0001636_OFC_SCRSo far we have covered various straight (BIM) blades, but circular (HSS) saw blades are also popular, delivering cutting work in similar materials. Due to the curvature of the blade they allow the piece to reach flush against the work piece. The 97 blade is a fully-rounded blade which is perfect for sheet metal and strong plastics/glass-reinforced plastics. Other HSS saw blades are either universal or made of softer materials. We offer similar shaped carbide versions of the blades and carbide triangular rasps. The 118 is a cost effective segmented blade for the removal of grout in-between tiles, with a diameter of 75mm. The 80mm rasp is ideal for rough sanding or the rasping of fillers, tile adhesive, old paint, concrete, stone and wood.

a0001796_OFC_SCR.jpgSanding: Many end-users still don’t realise that the multi-tool is not just a machine for cutting, but it also a powerful sanding machine, removing the need for a separate standalone sander. There is a huge range of small/large triangular and circular pads available, with sheets of various GRIT levels which attach easily to the pad, and to the machine. The most popular pad is the delta shape, with each side measuring 80mm. The pad, like all others comes perforated or unperforated (holes). Why? If you use an extractor you can attach it to the multi-tool as you work, collecting dust and removing most of the mess as you sand.


Last and not least, we have a scraper blade, used to remove carpet, tile adhesive residues, old paint and underseal coatings. As an extra bonus, our 11th most popular accessory is the long-life saw blade. Typically 78 or 90mm in length, they are great for delivering plunge cuts, but a specialist multi-tool like the SuperCut would be needed to make this application possible.

a0001687_OFC_SCRIt is important that you use the right accessory for the right application. Fein blades are premium quality and will last far longer than other cheap alternatives, but only if used properly. We consistently receive feedback that the blades last less time than expected but investigation usually finds that an end user has attempted to cut sheet metal with a wood blade or vice versa, exhausting the teeth of the accessory quickly.

Post 2Pricing is a hot topic amongst end-users. Last year, Smart blades began manufacturing and selling Starlock as a cheaper alternative, and more manufacturers will join the market this year to offer alternatives on the same system. Whilst Fein blades are recognised as the best quality in the market, whence its price, it now offers various multi-buy deals where end-users can purchase some of these popular blades at just £5-6 per blade.i0000818_OFC_SCRAs people move over to the system and awareness is now growing, finally Starlock it is being seen as an important development in oscillating technology. The technology was co-developed between Fein and Bosch who are proud to have lead the next step in oscillating’s evolution.

To finds out more about Fein Starlock blades check out

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  1. Very good presentation , is this tools only ordered through online ? Is it possible to buy from a store all the accessories as well . We are mobile & when we are working we need to buy stright away to do the work . Please let me know . Thanks CDI electrical services ltd


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